Paws for a moment


Take a pause and take a breath

All Animals that are Alive have a Heart. 

All Animals Breathe and We all have Hearts!

Breathing is essential to life.

It is also how we fuel our brain!

We think better when we fuel our brain with oxygen.

We think better when we fuel our heart with oxygen.

Our heart reminds us we are always loved, even if we sometimes forget.

It takes practice.

Put your left hand on your heart.

Put your right and on your bellybutton.

And take a gentle breath. In and out.

When you breathe in, your belly goes out.

When you breathe out, your belly goes in.

Let’s be very very quiet for a moment and listen –

Can you hear the sound of your breath?

Can you hear the song of your heart?

Now very gently, slide your arms around yourself and give yourself a great big hug!